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The great Andromeda Galaxy (M31) is the closest large spiral galaxy to our own. From a dark site it can be seen as a faint smudge with the unaided eye. What is not so easily observed are the 25 globular clusters on this list, all contained within this galactic neighbor.

This observing program can be both challenging and fulfilling... but it most certainly will not be easy. In addition to the data contained in the table below, anyone undertaking this program should also avail themselves of additional resources to correctly identify the star fields in which each cluster lies, as well as the cluster itself.

Astrophotographer Robert Gendler has prepared an excellent resource using an SBIG STL-11000XM camera mounted on a 20" Ritchey-Chretien telescope. These maps, availAble using the button below, are comprised of cluster identification overlaid on images of the galaxy.


The Andromeda Galaxy Globular Cluster Catalog

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