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Here are a few common-sense guidelines to make star parties safe and enjoyable for all.

  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted at EVAC star parties.

  • Please pack out all trash. Please do not litter.

  • No white lights after dark; use a dim red flashlight. Also, please be aware of the light output from any laptop computer you may be using.

  • There is no water at the sites, so bring plenty.

  • Please plan on arriving before dark. Many observing sites are difficult to find after dark. In addition, late arrivals can be rather disruptive to those that are already observing or taking photographs.

  • Most sites have a single entrance. If you are planning to leave early, please set up near the entrance to minimize the disruption when you leave. Likewise, if you are planning to stay all night, set up near the back of the site.

  • If you arrive late at a site, turn off your headlights and have someone guide you into the site.

  • If possible, don't be the last to leave. The last two people at the site should leave together to avoid the possibility of someone being stranded with a dead vehicle.

  • Bring observers only. Small children and pets generally do not enjoy star parties, and can be annoying to others. Please leave them at home if at all possible.

  • Members are responsible for their guests. All non-members are considered invited guests, and must observe the rules.

  • Please keep noise to a minimum. Please be considerate of your fellow stargazers.

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