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The New General Catalog (NGC) contains 7,840 entries and was originally published by J.L.E. Dreyer in 1888. This observing program is based on a list of 110 objects not included in the Messier catalog. This program is an excellent project for those who have finished the Messier list and are looking for a new challenge. The list is sorted by season and constellation.
Included in this program are: 12 open clusters, 2 globular clusters, 15 diffuse nebulae, 24 planetary nebulae and 57 galaxies (2 elliptical, 2 irregular and 53 spirals).



Credit: List courtesy Alan Dyer and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, and published annually in the RASC Observer's Handbook. Used with permission. Visit the RASC Publications page.

The NGC Finest Catalog

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